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Set Length Merbau 90 x 19mm

  • Set Length Merbau 90 x 19mm

Set Length Merbau 90 x 19mm

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90 x 19mm

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Product Details

Merbau - Kiln Dried - 1st Grade / Select Grade (All Solid Lengths)

We carry in stock & supply both random length and set length Merbau Decking Timber both in 90 x 19mm and 140 x 19mm: 

Kiln Dried Reed/Reversible First Grade Timber 

Size Length (mm)  Type  Size Length (m)


Incl. GST

90 x 19 Set Length 1.8 & 2.1 $6.90
90 x 19 Set Length 2.4 & 2.7 $7.00
90 x 19 Set Length 3.0 & 3.3 $7.20
90 x 19 Set Length 3.6 & 3.9 $7.50
90 x 19 Set Length 4.2 & 4.5 $7.65
90 x 19 Set Length 4.8 & 5.1 $7.90
90 x 19 Set Length 5.4 & 5.7 $8.15


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True colour and finish

Merbau decking is a natural timber product and is sold as a species and not on colour. To ensure you are getting an accurate representation of this product it’s always best to see it in person. Visit our showroom in Clayton, Melbourne and check out our display!


About Chippy's Outdoor 1st Grade Merbau Timber

Merbau Timber aka Kwila is the decking timber of choice with a consistent yellow-brown colour once aged turning a darker brown.  It is a tannin rich hardwood, so be careful when using in stainable areas for a majority of applications the stain is not an issue but be sure to check before using it! Merbau is also known to be easier to work with in regards to clean cutting and fastening. 

Merbau Timber is an extremely durable timber, perfect for your outdoor living areas. With proper maintenance, you can expect upwards of 30 years.


Our Merbau / Kwila Decking Timber has been used by the following home builders for their display homes 
  • Porter Davis
  • Homebuyer's Centre
  • Simmonds Homes
  • Dennis Family Homes


Our Merbau with a high degree of natural durability and strength is derived from South East Asia.

Merbau is a very versatile product, exhibiting only low degrade and very little shrinkage or movement. Merbau is a popular choice in applications such as outdoor decking, flooring, cladding, screening and furniture.

Merbau is a lasting investment as it has a high resistance to termites, rot and weathering.

The grain of Merbau is often prized for its attractiveness. It is usually interlocked or wavy, with a coarse but even texture.

For more information on our Merbau timber please visit our Decking Fact Sheet below:

*Decking Fact Sheet *CLICK HERE*

  • All Merbau decking is KD 1st Grade, we do not stock B grade decking
  • Delivery Available, please ask staff for pricing & conditions.
  • Refer to our "Decking Fact Sheet" before installation.
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