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VapourSeal Multi-purpose Sealing Tape

  • VapourSeal Multi-purpose Sealing Tape
  • VapourSeal Multi-purpose Sealing Tape
  • VapourSeal Multi-purpose Sealing Tape

VapourSeal Multi-purpose Sealing Tape

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Product Details

Available in 20 metre rolls and in the widths of 50mm and 100mm to accommodate joists and beams.

The VapourSeal is a 80um Black PE Resin Cloth Tape coated with a premium high tack acrylic adhesive system. With strong UV performance, stability and ageing characteristics, the VapourSeal is designed to form permanent and sustainable seals for a variety of applications.

VapourSeal is a self-wound adhesive tape (no liner) which means there is no backing paper and wastage. With an ability to be repositioned it is also hand-tearable which allows the Installer to apply the tape without the use of knives or scissors making it a very user-friendly product, and has the ability to be repositioned.


VapourSeal can be used for a variety of permanent and sealing applications such as:

- Protection of Timber & Steel Joists (Decking)

- Sealing of Vapour-Permeable House Wraps

- Building penetrations (doors & ventilation points)

- Sealing of Window-Flashings.

- Protective medium and other sealing functions. 

The surfaces compatible with the VapourSeal are most current building surfaces such as concrete and coatings (binders, tiles, bricks), aluminium, metals, glass, wood, PVC and more. It is up to the users to check the compatibility with the surface in terms of adherence, chemical compatibility and staining over the range of application temperatures. The surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust before application.

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