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CUTEK® Colourtones - Walnut

  • CUTEK®  Colourtones - Walnut

CUTEK® Colourtones - Walnut

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Cutek Colourtone - Walnut

*One tin of Colour tone required per 5L of Cutek Extreme CD 50*



Un-tinted CUTEK® Extreme CD50 or CUTEK Wood Preservative® will quickly lighten/silver/grey with exposure to sunlight. Unless you want a clear finish that will naturally lighten/silver/grey off in a few months, it is important to mix CUTEK® Colourtones to your oil before use.

Adding CUTEK® Colourtones will provide UV colour protection and slows the lightening/silvering process.

(NOTE: CUTEK® Extreme CD50 and CUTEK® Wood Preservative diffuse deeply into your timber and will continue to provide moisture protection and improve dimensional stability even if CUTEK® Colourtones are not added and your wood becomes weathered and greyed.)



To maintain your timber’s natural colour for longer, choose a CUTEK® Colourtone similar to the natural colour of your timber. Suggested CUTEK® Colourtones that match the natural hue of your timber can be found in our tables below. Colourtones can also help alter your timber colour if required (e.g. make your timber look lighter or darker than its natural state). Always obtain a free sample testpot to check your colour choice before proceeding with your project.


  • Black Butt: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Light Oak, Rustic Gold
  • Blue Gum: Autumntone, Burnt Red
  • Brush Box: Sela Brown, New Bronzetone
  • Cypress: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Rustic Gold
  • Ironbark: Burnt Red, Walnut
  • Jarrah: Burnt Red, Walnut
  • Merbau: Autumntone, Burnt Red, Merbau*, Sela Brown
  • Mixed Hardwoods: New Bronzetone, Rustic Gold, Sela Brown
  • Pine: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Light Oak
  • QLD Spotted Gum: New Bronzetone , Rustic Gold, Sela Brown
  • Red Gum: Autumntone, Burnt Red
  • Rosewood: Honeycomb*, Rustic Gold, Sela Brown
  • Silvertop Ash: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Light Oak,
  • Tallow Wood: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Rustic Gold
  • Turpentine: Sela Brown
  • Victorian Ash (Tasmanian Oak): Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Light Oak
  • Vitex (Pacific Teak): Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Rustic Gold
  • Western Red Cedar: Autumntone, Cedartone*, Goldtone, Light Oak, Rustic Gold,
  • White Mahogany: Goldtone, Honeycomb*, Light Oak, Rustic Gold
  • Hamptons/ White Wash Look: White Wash*
  • Instant Weathered Look: Smokey Grey*, Grey Mist
  • Charred Timber Look: Black Ash

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