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EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle

11#Tea Tree Stick Fencing / Latte Poles

  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle
  • EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle

EkoStix / Latte Poles 10 Sticks Bundle

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Product Details

 EkoStix Latte Poles

EkoStix Latte Poles are a sustainable & environmentally friendly alternative to tea tree poles. A great material for stick fencing. These natural Eucalyptus hardwood poles are made from premium, plantation grown Eucalypt, and will enhance your property by adding a natural aesthetic, as well as finding use for decorative or privacy screening/fencing purposes. Available in 3 sizes - 1.8m, 2.1m, 3.6m long, in an environmentally friendly TAN-E treatment.

Note: Poles will weather and grey to a natural patina overtime.

Practical Applications of EkoStix Tea Tree Latte Poles for your Home are…

  • Fencing – Easily mountable to fence framing, to create a natural hardwood, stick fencing aesthetic around the perimeter of your backyard or garden!
  • Privacy Screening – Keep your neighbours from looking into your garden or backyard, by using these Tea Tree Latte Poles as a privacy screen.
  • Shade Roofing – Useful as a shade roofing material, in tight clusters to block out the sun. Do not use for structural roofing purposes.
  • Cladding – Used as decorative cladding for the outside of structures & installations in your garden or backyard.
  • Pergolas or Shade Covers – These poles work great to block out the sun and increase shade within an outdoor area.

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Production Description 

EkoStix hardwood timber latte poles work great for any practical or decorative outdoor project, that needs to fit a classic Australian bush aesthetic. This product is sold in bundles of 10 sticks, and come in 3 lengths - 1.8m, 2.1m, 3.6m.  As a natural product, you can expect varying  thicknesses averaging 25-50mm and are of varying degrees of straightness, taper and shape the makes the latte pole a very unique product.

The wood used in this product is sustainably harvested Eucalyptus Tree rather than the Tea Tree, due to the scarcity, environmentally sensitive nature & harvesting restrictions of Australian grown Tea Tree sticks.

EkoStix botanic name is Eucalyptus Grandis (common name: Rose Gum, Flooded Gum)

Eucalypt is more durable & resilient than Tea Tree which makes for a superior material, useful for applications like construction, privacy screening, cladding, & decorative fencing.

We source our premium Eucalypt poles from a South Africa plantation for sustainability & quality purposes. These Latte Poles are specifically treated to Australian standards & have a durability of 40+ years outdoors.

  • Natural, earthy bush aesthetic.
  • Durable enough to last 40+ years in an outdoor environment.
  • H3 Treated for above ground, all-weather applications.
  • Malleable width fencing for applications that won’t work for pre-cut, pre-fabricated fencing or screening panels.


Due to Australian law, there are stringent regulations that protect Tea Tree’s from being harvested. To this extent, we have developed this product by commissioning a plantation in South Africa to grow & harvest Eucalyptus trees to produce a sustainable substitute that is ready to go. Eucalyptus is neither on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species nor added to listed in CITES Appendices.


Being of a light weight & durable quality, our EkoStix Tea Tree Latte Poles are perfect for a wide number of uses. For screening purposes, the blockout factor high enough to obstruct outsider views into your garden or backyard. In fencing installations, the number of sticks you install is adaptable to the length of fencing you need – use more for longer fences, use less for shorter fences. Finally, in cladding applications, you’ll enjoy the ease of installing these latte poles, as this material will not need to be replaced for many decades.  


Whether you have a coastal retreat, a suburban home, an apartment or a townhouse, these Latte Poles will be a welcome addition once installed. Many styles can be complemented by our latte poles, including contemporary, natural, bush, rustic, Japanese, Eastern or minimalist.


Height - 1.8m, 2.1m, 3.6m
Width – 10 sticks side by side are approx 1 foot.
(Each stick has varying circumference & width)
Material Used - 

30 poles per metre in width for fencing/cladding/screening purposes.


Screening - Latte poles are simple to install onto a solid frame (1.8 to 2.1m lengths must have two fixing points, 3.6m long must have 3 fixing points). You can use galvanised nails or screws to fix these poles into rails. Using normal nails will introduce rust, which isn’t encouraged.

If nailing or screwing within 50 mm of the ends of the poles, it will require pre-drilling.


A variety of combinations in different situations.

  • Rust Metal Screens –
  • Z-Tina Mini Corry Rust Screen –
  • Horizontal or Vertical Timber Slatting –
  • Ideal for pergolas or shade covers -

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