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Rust Metal Privacy Screen: Submarine

04#Australian Made Rust Steel Screens

  • Rust Metal Privacy Screen: Submarine
  • Rust Metal Privacy Screen: Submarine
  • Rust Metal Privacy Screen: Submarine

Rust Metal Privacy Screen: Submarine

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Product Details

Summer Promo 2023:

1800 x 900mm 'Submarine' Rust Screen: $122.00

Valid until 29th Febuary 2024 or whilst stocks last!


The Submarine Rust Metal Screen is a distinctive privacy screen, with a design that stands out in your garden. This screen is a popular choice that complements aesthetics & designs with curvatures & rustic or bush features.

You may use this in between screens to draw attention, as a privacy screen (offering 74% blockout) or as an original backdrop to accentuate plants, garden or water features. Over time, this screen will age, adding character to the rust patina.

Available in one size – 1800mm (H) X 900mm (L) X 1.2mm (T)

Frequent uses for this Submarine Rust Metal Screen include…

  • Privacy Screening – For privacy applications that require décor, this screen offers 74% blockout factor, that keeps neighbours from prying into your backyard.
  • Decorative Screening – If your garden or backyard needs a stylish touch, the circular laser cut patterning & rust patina design will strength the aesthetic of it. Wow your guests!
  • Fencing – These Rust Metal Screens can be used as fencing panels, to enclose or fence off an area within your backyard. You can also extend your fencing wider or higher, by installing them to existing fencing in your home (may require structural support)
  • Concealment Panels – If your backyard has unsightly areas, or utility installations that detract from the design, then this screen can be used as a panel to conceal them.

Submarine Rust Metal Screen Specifications
Material – Mild Steel - Rusted
Height – 1830mm.
Width – 915mm.
Thickness – 1.2mm.
Weight – 10kg (approx).
8 fixing holes drilled into the panel for easy installation.

Rust metals screens / Panels and cladding must be kept dry (not stacked together) until installation to avoid oxidization.

For true colour and finish visit our huge display/showroom.

The Submarine Rust Metal Screen is suitable for most Australian outdoor backyards & gardens. It’s rustic patina & circular patterning fits well with bush & natural aesthetics. It works exceptionally as a privacy screen, obscuring the vision of your backyard from nosy neighbours.

 The Submarine Rust Metal Screen offers…

  • 74% Blockout Factor – Keeping the prying eyes of your neighbours out of their backyard
  • Highly durable – Will last for a number of years
  • Weather aging rust – Over time, the rust patina will change, adding character to your panel.
  • Suitable for all climate applications across Australia
  • Simple installation - Screwholes are pre-drilled, offering an easy mounting solution
  • Light weight – Weighs only 10kg’s (Approx).
  • One convenient size – 1800mm H, 900mm L & 1.2mm T – Combine with multiple panels
  • Resize / reshape – Using a cut off wheel, you can resize or reshape as needed
  • Laser Cut
  • Natural Rust Finish
  • All Australian Made & Owned

Block nosy neighbours out – If you value your home’s privacy, and you need an effective solution to stop neighbours from looking into your home or backyard, then this privacy screen is a strong choice. Offering 74% blockout factor, this rust screen will protect your privacy and obscure unwanted views into your home. Covering an area as large as 1.8m by 0.9M’s, the Submarine Rust Metal Screen is easily stackable with another privacy screen (will need a structural support frame), or can extend wider – to suit your privacy needs as they vary over time.

The Real Rust Look – Suitable for various home styles such as, courtyards, patios, federation & contemporary style homes. Can be used in townhouses & suitable sized apartments. The rust patina delivers an earth, rustic, naturally weather look that will be a joy to view for years to come.

Affordable for your budget – The Submarine Rust Screen is affordable at $145.00 + Shipping. This is a very cost effective way to protect your privacy, whilst adding a decorative touch.  


  • (Keep dry and separated before installation to avoid oxidization)
  • Can be installed of an existing paling fence (screwed straight into the palings).
    Upright posts with rails, must be supported on all four edges.
    Can be fastened to existing pergola, handrails around a deck.


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